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Josh’s House

Josh’s House is a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, climate sensitive home for a growing family.  It’s been designed & built to “change the way we think about the houses we choose to build & the homes we choose to live in.

We designed a cost effective & high-performance home that looks like any other ‘normal’ home.  The interior is light & airy, has universal access principles throughout with consideration to appropriate landscaping for optimum thermal performance.

This home showcases the benefits of sustainable housing through demonstration & inspiration with all information free at


  • 2014 Master Builders WA Bankwest Housing Excellence Awards, Waterwise Home WINNER, Most Liveable Home WINNER, Excellence in Energy Efficiency Joint WINNER
  • 2014 HIA WA Kingspan GreenSmart, Townhouse/Villa Development FINALIST, Water Efficiency WINNER & Smart Housing WINNER
  • 2012 HIA WA Greensmart, Design Concept Award WINNER