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Sustainable Home

This 3 bedroom, 4 bathroom display home is designed to showcase sustainability as cost effective & accessible to all.  

It incorporates the full range of solar passive design principles: best practise in energy efficiency, lighting, low allergen design, multi-functional & multi-generational principles, suitable for various occupancies, as well as aging in place.  It was open to the public for 9yrs.


  • 2006 HIA-Landcorp WA GreenSmart, Project Home of the Year WINNER, Smart Housing Awards WINNER, Building of the Year WINNER, Energy Efficiency Award FINALIST & Water Efficiency Award FINALIST
  • 2006 HIA Australian GreenSmart, Smart Housing Award WINNER & Project Home of the Year WINNER
  • 2005 BDAWA Design Awards, Environmentally Sustainable Design COMMENDATION
  • 2005 HIA-ANZ WA Housing Award, Special Purpose Housing Project WINNER